Nude Shoes & Tights Sales Soar!

We all know that skin coloured shoes can make your legs look longer, especially when teamed with skin coloured shoes.  Image consultants have been imparting this advice to their clients for years and years.

However, it’s not until Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing her nude LK Bennett Sledge Patent Shoes with her skin toned tights again and again that the fashion journalists decided to jump onto the band wagon.

The key to these shoes is to ensure that it matches as close as possible to your skin tone.    There are many nude shoes out there, so be patient and find one that suits the skin tone of your feet and legs.  The same goes for nude tights.  If you struggle to find the perfect match, it’s best to go a shade darker rather than lighter.

What I love the most about nude shoes is that they will work with any outfit!

How many pairs of nude shoes do you have in your wardrobe?  What do you wear them with?


Tights for Men!

Yes, you’ve read it right. Fashion designer Emilio Cavallini has recently launched a range of tights for men call mantyhose.

Apparently, they sell so well that they  accounted for nearly three percent of his company’s annual production of 1 million tights!  At £17.46 a pair, that’s a lot of tights being sold.

The question is, what would you wear them with? Answers on a postcard please!