Autumn/Winter 2012 Colour Trends

According to Pantone, the the above colours will be featured in the high street stores this Autumn/Winter.  With such a variety of colours, there seems to be something for everybody in each season.

Which colour will you be wearing for the Autumn/Winter season?  As a Bright Winter, I’ll be wearing the Olympian Blue!


Wise words from Michelle Obama















“First and foremost, I wear what I love. That’s what women have to focus on: what makes them happy and what makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. If I can have any impact, I want women to feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion” – Michelle Obama.

When clothes shopping, my own mantra is to ask myself whether I love it madly or need it deeply.  If it is neither, it stays on the rails.

What strategies do you use to determine whether to buy a piece of clothing?

The cost of Kate’s Wardrobe

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is proud to wear clothes from the British High Street and is an ambassador for re-wearing an outfit more than once.  However, it has recently come to light that Kate’s outfits for ‘work related’ engagements are paid for by Prince Charles.

So far, it is thought that the cost of Kate’s clothes come to around £35,000.  Given that Kate is in the public eye a lot, I personally don’t think that she has been extravagant in her spending.

Some fashion journalists argue that she should be spending more, based on the fact that she is the future Queen.

From what I’ve read in the newspapers, she seems very grounded and like to mix her designer with high street style.  Given our current economic situation, it seems be-fitting that  she is seen to be frugal with her wardrobe rather than splashing the tax payers hard earned pennies at every public event.

Do you think that Kate should be spending more money on designer clothes or should she continue to champion the great British high street?